We do believe something bigger than ourselves!

We are at a unique age of human history

This post is outcome from Twitter. Think Social got tweeted the Wiring a web for global good. On the video embedded on the original post, the British Prime Minister says that we are at a unique age of human history and we are in a position to develop our shared global ethic and  moral sense — and able to work together to confront the challenges of poverty, security, climate change and the economy since we have the ability to communicate and organize globally.

This was the news of today and it hit me instantly to think and to think over once again. We do believe into something bigger than ourselves – and we do have the means to interact globally on individual level.  To think is to start, but we should be marching. Look at  the video linked from my Youtube playlist.

What is the belief for if don’t start marching?

We should not loose the change to meet our responsibilities. However, the society needs the stability of institutitons, but it is for all of us – the fact that is  missing or misunderstood  often in a very peculiar way nowadays. The first step has to be taken by each and one of us at some point for sustainablity of society. The order should be that the civic members and economies could be able to meet their needs and express their  potential, while preserving biodiversity and natural ecosystems, planning and acting for the ability to maintain these ideals in the very long term for the future.

What do you think of this talk?  Do you agree with the idea of global society? What is the manifestastation of the speech to notice? How could we take the first step to march?



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