My Alphabeths of Social Media

IRIS XV • learning to fly

APPS make your life so much easier. Though now and then, it is difficult to follow all the ones your using. Still, apps offer you interesting paths even to the creation of the perpetual motion machine. 🙂

BLOGs for every purpose. Read, write and learn – save some shrinking expenses. All you need for peer support and conversation – sharing and caring. Pages and tools basically for free to connect on the form that you can decide. Further more a chance to make your living out of it – blogging can be a start of a new career for some persons.

are manifestation for the freedom of speech. It is a new point of view – a point of self evaluation and a point of mental growth.

Do you want to know what I consider DELICIOUS on the Web?

eEVANGELISE every time you can! We need you to lead us. Opening eyes for the new level of shared knowledge is not only essential to the development of an individual, but for the whole society that we are living in.

FRIENDS -Feeds – Facebook – Friendfeed – Followers – Follow
The F-words can be incredibly valuable. Some are even making business of it. What is the price of a follower? Is there a price for a friend?

GOOGLE tells you all you’ll ever need to know. Also about you, your fellows and your neighbors. If you’re not ranked – do you exist?

HOME -feed, -page… Home. Where do you live?

INNOVATION is a spirit of mind – alive and vivid on the channels of social media. And certainly, I would not mind finding the best practicies for recognising new innovations on the web. That is the reason for the journey.

JOY for your every day life. Enjoy a hint of entertainment if you wish, but what is more important in social media are some means to save time for something delightful in real life.

KEYWORDS make it easy to classify and mark issues. Tag what you create, tag what you share!

LinkedIn is a telephone booth near me, if Facebook is my living room.

MEETINGS: on line, off line, IRL, ISL – just to CU!

NETWORKING is fun and effective. Otherwise I’d have drown for the information flow quite a long time ago.

OPEN means transparency and trust. Among others it is security which grows from confidence. Open means also receptivity to new ideas.

Ping.Fm is just a channel for updating. We do need tools to share contents effectively.

QUESTION of the future? If someone has the answer, please do not share that one with me. I do enjoy my journey.

RSS is Really Simple Syndication for Reading Sources Simultaneously  – just for your convenience, saving your time.

Sharing IS sexy!

TWITTER feed is the vivid one. See what is interesting and hot right now, get a positive addiction to follow what is going on globally.

Ubiquitous Unique Universe – do the things you want to,  where ever and when ever you like.

Virtualworlds offer you a place to meet people live. Your avatar is a buffer that passes on the expressions you choose to share. In these immersive environments working can be fun and full of new experiences (like MY job is on daily basis 🙂 ).

Win-Win situations for all. Get in on time! Not yet is not an option – get in now or be late!

For the X-GENERATION technology just IS. Go on-line and go beyond the tools. Get social. Seriously – it is worth of it. What it takes is just some time to get used to the environment.

YOU and ME. Collaboration is one of the key issues that interests me in social media. The only way that new authority can be transformed.

ZEN on the journey to the social media: do not estimate the arrival times or rapid ROI’s. Enjoy the ride – benefits will get to you when the time is right.



We do believe something bigger than ourselves!

We are at a unique age of human history

This post is outcome from Twitter. Think Social got tweeted the Wiring a web for global good. On the video embedded on the original post, the British Prime Minister says that we are at a unique age of human history and we are in a position to develop our shared global ethic and  moral sense — and able to work together to confront the challenges of poverty, security, climate change and the economy since we have the ability to communicate and organize globally.

This was the news of today and it hit me instantly to think and to think over once again. We do believe into something bigger than ourselves – and we do have the means to interact globally on individual level.  To think is to start, but we should be marching. Look at  the video linked from my Youtube playlist.

What is the belief for if don’t start marching?

We should not loose the change to meet our responsibilities. However, the society needs the stability of institutitons, but it is for all of us – the fact that is  missing or misunderstood  often in a very peculiar way nowadays. The first step has to be taken by each and one of us at some point for sustainablity of society. The order should be that the civic members and economies could be able to meet their needs and express their  potential, while preserving biodiversity and natural ecosystems, planning and acting for the ability to maintain these ideals in the very long term for the future.

What do you think of this talk?  Do you agree with the idea of global society? What is the manifestastation of the speech to notice? How could we take the first step to march?


World is right here, right now – are we able to handle?

This entry is about  Ramppikuume (Ramp-fieber) festival held in Kankaanpää last weekend, and based on the insight that crushed me during the performances.

I was especially impressed about Helden 09/10 perfomed by german group Spina Theater. In addition to that I saw a play “Lasinen lapsuus” about fragile childhood by Kankaanpää Youth Theatre. All the contents and manuscript were produced by those young people, and seriously I was not the only parent at the audience, who felt the weight of reliability at one´s shoulders.  At this point of life, I was only a glimpse away from the total breakdown and endless tears.

The whole wide world is with those children every single day with such a deep impact that we, who grow up in a seriously small and safe world, just do not seem to realize. How, how can we ever give our children faith to the future, secure surroundings and provide support enough to handle the world they are living? How can we make them feel safe and loved enough? What is the right amount of confidence they need to cope, stay human – strong and breakable at the same time?

They have the WORLD, in good as well as in bad. Right here. This generation X that I belong, has been told to be citizens of the world – but no we are not. Far from that.


Evaluation and grading

● From excellent to very poor – what would you like to have today?

I highly appreciate education with proper schedules and qualified teachers. In my opinion one qualification to mention is decent syllabi, which does include proper instructions about evaluation and grading. On the syllabus mentioned above this blog entry, grading is part of class policies and directions of evaluations are included to the section “Assignments”. At that point there is information concerning minimum of the elements included to the task, in addition to that, weight of each assignment is displayed by percentage. The syllabus does not give any further information about grading within a singular task.  However, a proposal with detailed information which includes request for action, could  encourage students to go on  with  syllabi and to use them as a  tool  for learning. Nevertheless, I can not remember paying any attention to syllabi as a full time student – at that time students did what they were told to do, as well as they could.

Learning on mature age is always a chance full of choices. I think most of us will agree with me when I say that motivating learning experience for grown up student is based on either to the contents of the course or achieving such as some diploma of qualification for new career opportunities. The mechanism of motivation can not be launched by simply tabulating the grades, there has to be some additional information well-formed on the contents about what you can and will learn by accomplishing each and every specific task, and what would be the consumption of the time when entering from a level to another. With this essential information provided, students are able to decide how much effort they will use for a singular assignment. It is kind of funny, that freedom to schedule your own studies and achievements according effort used to them is actually illustrated well on a very formal way far from any flexibility. Accurate expressions enable the freedom to choose, as the intended meaning of evaluation is clear and transparent. However, what if there is not a single argument for grading, what if the task is open and contents are summarized under one topic, less than one phenomenon? How can students recognise their learning orientation in this case? Learn more on incoming posts from 🙂  

According to Spannaus, T. 2005. IT 7120 Project Management Cource Syllabus. Wayne State University, College of Education.

Please, feel free to comment, make corrections and notes. In my opinion this publicity is a fair deal for not presenting my syllabus in front of the class – here is also the same option for feedback just for you my dear co-students.