World is right here, right now – are we able to handle?

This entry is about  Ramppikuume (Ramp-fieber) festival held in Kankaanpää last weekend, and based on the insight that crushed me during the performances.

I was especially impressed about Helden 09/10 perfomed by german group Spina Theater. In addition to that I saw a play “Lasinen lapsuus” about fragile childhood by Kankaanpää Youth Theatre. All the contents and manuscript were produced by those young people, and seriously I was not the only parent at the audience, who felt the weight of reliability at one´s shoulders.  At this point of life, I was only a glimpse away from the total breakdown and endless tears.

The whole wide world is with those children every single day with such a deep impact that we, who grow up in a seriously small and safe world, just do not seem to realize. How, how can we ever give our children faith to the future, secure surroundings and provide support enough to handle the world they are living? How can we make them feel safe and loved enough? What is the right amount of confidence they need to cope, stay human – strong and breakable at the same time?

They have the WORLD, in good as well as in bad. Right here. This generation X that I belong, has been told to be citizens of the world – but no we are not. Far from that.