Heading to San Jose

This year I’ll celebrate Finnish midsummer feast flying home across the world from San Jose. This fact-finding trip to the US will take place from 17th of June until mid summer nights dream is over. In San Jose I’ll participate mLearn Con focused on mobile learning and the program will start with Apple workshop: Creating content for iPhone/iPad applications.  That is why last Monday was an excellent day to get oriented in the issue since I got a wonderful opportunity to meet several enthusiastic Apple users facilitated by IlonaIT in Helsinki and most of all because I got to listen Erling Teig from Apple Europe for an afternoon. Here are some ideas and thoughts to process over a night:

Class A Devices?

200 million Apple devices  (iPhone, iPod, iPad) are sold worldwide. Some people already are lucky enough to have comfortable tools at work too. Will there be a growing group of isolated Apple users in organizations? Some people use Apple in work on their own expenses as primary devices as working. They do have big bags to carry all they need to work since employers provide secondary tools to use based on the official solution? This doesn’t make sense to me? And do we have to give up all Microsoft solutions if we become Apple users? What about the good ones? Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync System is already working properly with Apple devices – as well as Google services. Device security is complex enough for any organizational needs and CISO:s can use preferred policy enforcements, even forced backups.  So you CAN have both: love AND marriage.:)

Apps over the air?

Star walk Arts


There are 65000 iPad Apps. iPhones, iPods and iPads –all seamless integrated! And how come there are only few such devices in educational use in Finland?  What kind of projects in Education should we head to? How to utilize these light, thin and “start using” equipment in classrooms and further more expand the classroom out of the school walls?

Students go to YouTube to understand stuff? Where do you (teacher) stand? Dare to give a try – it is easier than you think!

iPod touch is basically same to iPhone – you just can’t use GSM to call. It is even better: you can use free Facetime apps (wi-fi) to have a chat via video!! So will  your students spent days playing Angry Birds? You can manage unlimited amount of devices at once.  You can disable iTunes store and restrict explicit content. What about configuration? Who does that and how? Configuration profile: accounts, policies (like passcode age or local wipe for children). One can create restrictions for content, gaming, installation etc. not to forget browser restrictions. To answer this you might need mobile device management for registered devices.

Native apps, sandboxing and web apps – what should we use to create internal apps? Who is able to create stuff?

This challenge sounds also more like option. Host —> distribute url and the user installs the app. Not harder than sharing a live stream?? 🙂  Push from server to app store and it is all on line? Done! Willing to start a new career as Apple Developer? Too hard? Then step ahead!

Next my old favorite: go on-line

  1. 1.    Learners are Mobile
  2. 2.    Content is the Focus
  3. 3.    Getting Started

Learn anything, anytime, anywhere. iTunes University provides world-class learning materials: audiobooks, videos, books and open textbooks etc. It is a growing library, which in open eBook supports embedded video and audio and allows comments. Today, all of those services are not accessible for all, but HTML5 will solve the problem that video will play both Android and Apple and the number of these will increase rapidly (last year 10%, now +25%).  And who needs Flash anyway (article in Finnish) ? You can also publish materials simply using iTunes, but if your organization produces constantly new materials, you might want to see yourself as one of the rare educational service providers in iTunesU from Finland too. Start checking e.g. Otava Folk High School account  ! Today they had a great number 191 of released podcasts in iTunes. So they are ready to enter iTunesU that requires 150-200 published materials and continuous flow of material production.  iTunes can also be used for distributing materials for specified groups like classes.

Personal sync / Centralized sync?

Personal sync is basically only option in Europe this far. Centralized sync  (at the moment for 12 iPads at time) with institution-owned account is what we would like to have. Configuration utility can be wireless – when can students load new staff just us they enter the classroom? Bluetooth specials, location data linked content on restricted networks and open and limited groups of iTunesU just wait to be explored.

App store also provides purchase accounts for special, volume buyers. As buying is easiest ever in iTunes, it is still easy for organizations – just get your volume vouchers to buy – and you’re ready to distribute codes to the end user. If a scenario of sync cart (many devices) will establish, one code will update the whole set of devices. This far only configuration (obviously that can and will affect on contents available for a student) can be finished in blocks  – content delivery has to be organized on more complicated solutions

Mobile Internet users will pass desktop users in 2013. They are demanding new kind of contents – what we have today is simply not enough. Day gave some concrete tips and hip ideas to use, protect and share devices. I’m really looking forward to San Jose to explore new ideas for pedagogical use. Hopefully after San Hose we’ll have the question:

When we are going to be able to do this in Europe?


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